From Our Clients

Remy's Mom

Hi Lisa,

Well, in the chaos of health issues and moving, I never got a proper chance to say a very important THANK YOU to you. I fly out tomorrow to join Remy and Rob up in Seattle and I could not leave without reaching out.... And so, I'd like to let you know how deeply grateful I was and still am for all your many kindnesses during my time in San Diego. You took amazing care of my furbabies - and me.

You welcomed Bernie in his old age and health worries and you loved him like your own. I will never forget your incredible compassion and love when Bernie died... I will sincerely be grateful for you for eternity because of that. And then you welcomed Remy with open arms and he had many joyous visits with you.

You are a class act and a quality human being... Thank you, Lisa, for everything.

With love and respect,


Jax's Mom

Fido and Company is Jax’s home away from home and I couldn’t be happier. As a teacher, I work long hours and did my homework before deciding on Fido and Co. for daycare. Jax started attending Fido over a year ago, and it was love at first visit. He had the best day playing with new dogs and he got the cutest report card from his assessment. He even earned a gold star! He came home with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on him and had the best night’s sleep.

He was originally signed up to go three days a week, but was quickly upgraded to the Platinum Membership so he can go Monday through Friday and play out all that endless amount of energy he has. I know he’s played hard and had the best day, because he races out with a smile and goes home exhausted! I truly have the best peace of mind every day seeing him race to go through the doors at drop-off and I never feel that I need to hurry out of work to pick him up because he’s unhappy.

Fido has it all, and it’s great to know that Jax is taken care of for all of his needs. He is in a safe and loving environment for daycare, the best dog groomer (Lisa Ann) is on site Tuesday-Saturday, and there is cage-free boarding offered seven days a week for a very reasonable price. I also love knowing that when the occasion arrives that I need overnight care for him, he is staying in an environment he already loves, and I can call whenever to check on him, because there is staff there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In my opinion the staff at Fido is quite incredible. Jax loves the people at Fido just as much as he loves his canine friends.

Every person I’ve seen Jax interact with is so good with him, and he adores them all. The owner of Fido, Lisa, is wonderful. You can tell from the minute you meet her how much she cares about you, the dogs, the staff and the facility. The manager Hannah is so sweet, knows all the dogs and their owners, and is incredibly knowledgeable about everything Fido. I must also mention Pedro because he was one of Jax’s first favorite people at Fido and he spends so much time working with the dogs during the week. Jax loves playing with the other dogs, but he especially likes it when he gets some one-on-one play time with Pedro.

How many dogs do you know who are madly in love with their groomer? I’ve never known any until I saw Jax with Fido’s resident groomer Lisa-Ann. She has a truly amazing way with dogs, so not only do they leave her looking like new, but they still love her after being groomed. Jax can’t wait to give her some extra love and wiggles.  Bringing my Jax to Fido and Co. for daycare was the best decision I’ve made for him.

I always joke that thanks to Fido he’s a daycare lifer, but it’s much more than a joke, because it’s one hundred percent true.

Thank you for all that you do for my Jax!


Zander's Mom & Dad

Zander has been coming to Fido & Co. since we adopted him four years ago. We joke that for him, daycare is like Disneyland - it's his happiest place on earth! He's always excited to arrive, and is full of just as much zest when we arrive to pick him up - then he promptly collapses when he gets home as he's played out all of his energy.

We appreciate that Fido sees Zander as an individual and treats him (and us) as part of their family. They are flexible, reliable, and easy to book for both day care and overnight boarding.

On the business side, Fido is detail oriented and proactive, which makes billing, medical requirements, and other admin items simple. We wish Lisa and her team all the best for success, and extend sincere thanks for all they do! - Stephanie and Dave