Grooming Salon


Our expert Salon Stylist will accommodate everything from the everyday normal request for a bath, haircut, and style to the abstract and trendiest of requests.   Grooming should always be a positive experience for your dog, and at Fido & Co. it is! We never use cages, water is always at the perfect temperature; and we use all-natural moisturizing shampoos and conditioners to meet your dog’s specific skin type. Please let your Stylist know of any skin allergies and/or medical conditions prior to your appointment. Our Salon Stylists will welcome your pooch with a warm approach and ready to listen to your specific instructions.  Come in and let us pamper your pet with the best services in San Diego.


Types Of Groom


Basic Grooming

Keeping things simple is a great way to maintain a healthy coat. Our Stylists begin with a good brushing to eliminate simple tangles, knots, and loose hair.  Our hypoallergenic shampoos and conditioners keep their coats looking fresh, clean, and healthy.  Our basic groom includes bath, brush, blow dry, tidy up around the face and paws, cleaning the ears, sanitary trim, and a dremel nail trim to maintain proper length.

Get Breed Specific

There are a lot of great breed specific cuts out there.  Not only do we do them all but we will mix and match to your request.  If you have Cocker Spaniel, try the Yorkie cut.  Want a French Poodle cut on your Golden?  No problem.  Our stylists specialize in everything from the traditional to the extravagant.  To ensure that you receive the cut you are looking for, our Stylist will be your guide in helping you with your vision.  Here is a list of a few of our top breed specific styles for you to choose from.