The Company

Fido & Co. is San Diego’s first canine country club. It was built on a “nothing but the best” platform.  It offers members a luxury daycare, a variety of pet sitting services, spa

and grooming amenities, professional training programs and special event celebrations. Providing the ultimate canine experience, Fido & Co. affords all the privileges of a first class country club. The owners of Fido & Co. have taken two years to carefully plan and research every detail to ensure a truly luxurious and safe experience.

Your dog’s wellbeing is very important at Fido & Co. through the guidance of a Board Certified Veterinary Behaviorist, our screening process is designed around individual dog personalities rather than “one size fits all.” Every one of our members will go through an in depth background and reference check, and an in-house ev
aluation that will require them to stay all day.

Fido & Co. has spared nothing when it comes to the Serenity Suites. Here, members will enjoy massage and spa treatments. This is another area where the owners have researched and implemented every aspect of “serenity” for dogs.  Everything from the music playing to the subtle aromas has been carefully placed and proven to provide the most calm and relaxation.

The play areas at Fido & Co. have been designed to promote fun and good health. Our playrooms are multi-level so play time is on our members’ terms! The flooring is made out of specialized rubber so that the constant running and jumping is easier on their joints and paws. In the event that one of our members needs a break, he/she can either play alone in a separate part of the play area or relax in one of our nap rooms. We NEVER put them in cages.  Our nap rooms are equipped with D.A.P. diffusers. D.A.P. is dog appeasing pheromone—an all natural way to calm dogs. This pheromone is produced by the mother in the first few days after she gives birth; the reassuring properties persist throughout life and help soothe dogs of all ages.

Fido & Co. has left no stone unturned when it comes combining fun and style. Against all odds, these devoted owners have exceeded the expected to offer the very best for San Diego’s dogs and their owners. They are proud to have raised the bar and be in a class of our own.