Wellness Spa





Our Serenity suite is a candlelit sanctuary with a mixture of essential oil scents and the calming sounds of waterfalls to sooth and relax the senses. Here your pet will have the same indulgent experience similar to what you would have at your own 5 star spa.





Pawdicure – $25

Restore tired paws with this pick me up! Even your dogs’ feet experience fatigue while walking around the house or city streets. Give them the gift of a foot massage. Our professional spa staff will first soak their pads in a warm paw bath formulated to restore cracked and rough pads, then gently massage each pad using an all natural balm formulated to relax and rejuvenate.  Followed by dremeling the nails for a nice smooth round finish to their nails. You can also choose from a variety of nail polish to complete the look.

Conditioning Body Wrap – $15- $25

Add this luxurious conditioning treatment to any bath or grooming service. This treatment begins with a mini massage of a conditioning cream rinse all over their body. Herbal infused warm steam towels are then gently wrapped around your dog providing therapeutic warm heat increasing the absorption of moisture into the skin. These treatments are proven to help heal dry, itchy, scaling skin. This treatment is perfect for skin and coat renewal.

Blueberry Facial – $10

South Bark’s famous Blueberry Facial Cream is gently laid on your dogs face with a warm steamy towel for hydration. An extraordinary neck, head, and facial massage provide a state of peaceful relaxation with the benefits of natural antioxidants.

*Prices are in addition to grooming rates


Puppy – $20

Get your new puppy used to spa services from the get go.  Have us spend time desensitizing your puppy to having their ears, feet, and teeth played with. This treatment

ensures that your new puppy has a lifetime of wonderful spa experiences at Fido & Co., your veterinarian, or any other groomer.

This preventative package includes;

  • Ear cleaning and massage
  • Gum massage and teeth brushing
  • Paw massage
  • A relaxing 20 minute lavender belly rub

Aromatherapy Massage – $50

Your pet will experience the soothing aroma of perfectly blended essential oils designed specifically for dogs. Choose from refreshing, balancing, relaxing, or stress relieving blends for a customized experience. As your pet relaxes during the massage their sense of smell is delighted while their spirit is renewed.

Healing acupressure massage – $50

This healing massage is perfect the dog experiencing muscle fatigue or soreness due to an active lifestyle, injury, or arthritis. Acupressure massage is used to break up lactic acid and relax sore muscles. This massage is used in athletic dogs while they are in training for competition, service dogs that are constantly working, or our senior dogs that suffer from being sore and stiff.

Reiki – $50

Reiki supports the body’s own healing abilities by strengthening and balancing the flow of energy throughout the different body systems. Reiki can heal at all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It is especially effective for emotional pain and distress by assisting animals to let go of past negative experiences and memories. This can ease the transition of newly adopted rescue or shelter animals into their new homes.

Tui-Na – $50

Tui-Na is one of the five branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is a manual therapy that utilizes numerous massage, acupressure, physiotherapy and osseous manipulations which are applied to acupuncture points and meridians to prevent and treat diseases.  It works by regulating acupoints and meridians as well as soothing joints, ligaments, and tendons. Tui-Na promotes circulation of energy while balancing internal organs and strengthening the body’s resistance. This treatment will ensure your pets overall wellness.

*Massage includes a 30 minute consult and 30 minute massage (excluding puppy massage)

Please call to make an appointment or let the receptionist know if you would like any of these treatments added on to your grooming appointment.

*Additional costs apply.  Please inquire.