Grooming Salon

Our expert Salon Stylist will accommodate everything from the everyday normal request for a bath, haircut and style to the abstract and trendiest of requests.   Grooming should always be a positive experience for your dog, and at Fido & Co. it is! We never use cages, water is always at the perfect temperature; and we use all-natural, moisturizing shampoos and conditioners to meet your dog’s specific skin type. Please let your Stylist know of any skin allergies and/or medical conditions prior to your appointment.  Our Salon Stylists will welcome your pooch with a warm approach and ready to listen to your specific instructions.  Come in and let us pamper your pet with the best services in San Diego.

While your dog is being pampered, you can enjoy a cold Perrier while relaxing out on our Member’s only patio while you wait and enjoy the country club atmosphere.

Basic Grooming

Keeping things simple is a great way to maintain a healthy coat. Our Stylists begin with a good brushing to eliminate simple tangles, knots, and loose hair.  Our hypoallergenic shampoos and conditioners keep their coats looking fresh, clean and healthy.  Our basic groom includes bath, brush, blow dry, tidy up around the face and paws, cleaning the ears, sanitary trim, and a dremel nail trim to maintain proper length.

Get Breed Specific

There are a lot of great breed specific cuts out there.  Not only do we do them all but we will mix and match to your request.  If you have Cocker Spaniel, try the Yorkie cut.  Want a French Poodle cut on your Golden?  No problem.  Our stylists specialize in everything from the traditional to the extravagant.  To ensure that you receive the cut you are looking for, our Stylist will be your guide in helping you with your vision.  Here is a list of a few of our top breed specific styles for you to choose from.

These are just a few of the Groom Breeds

Bichon Frise Schnauzer Goldendoodle& Labradoole Black Russian Terriers Cairns Terrier
Cocker Spaniel Shih Tzu Poodles Golden Afghan
Lhasa Apso West Highland Terrier Havanese Maltese

Brussels Griffon

Airedale Wheaton Pomeranian Yorkshire Terrier Cavalier King Charles


Over the top or setting the standard?

At Fido & Co we have specially created some fun alternatives that fit the Southern California lifestyle. Ask your Salon Stylist for more details.  While you are waiting for your dog, please peruse the portfolio in our lobby.

The Sumo Cut – $15*

Keep the hair out of your dog’s eyes. This simple cut is great for those dogs who like to wrestle with the big boys.  No bow required.

Sumo Cut

The Bart Simpson – $15*

Let’s get funky! This cut is Short, spiky, cute and fun!

The Faux Hawk – $15-$35*

Let us spike things up a bit for that special event or that rock star look.  Color is always an option and we never sacrifice style.  Price ranges from a hair trim to a full body style shave down.

Proud and Pretty – $15-$25*

This specialty package is the best for any prideful event.  We specialize in the most hypoallergenic non-transferable colors the rainbow has to offer.  Have fun with our Salon Stylists.  You can leave it up to their imagination and vision or assist in the look you want.  Glitter, glam and a touch of fabulous is always the best foundation for a great look.

Younger by tonight – $10-$20*

Has your dog gone gray around the muzzle too soon?   Like us, some dogs gray too soon.  Bring the young look back to your dog’s muzzle with a nice touch up.




Deep Clean – prices vary on size and breed of dog*

Our deep clean service is great for dogs that have given there all at the beach, the trails or the dog park.   The Deep Clean treatment is meant for dogs that come in covered in dog park mud, with sand from nose to tail, or the dog that is covered in the “who knows what that is” mess.  Our experts will get into the thick of your pets coat and remove all the layers of grunge, muck, and kayos.  The Stylist will make sure to remove sand particles from in between the paws and pads.  A deep soothing balm will be applied to chapped paws to sooth, soften, and rejuvenate.

A Dog of a Different Color – $15 and up*

Your dog will stand out in any crowd.  Whether you are going for a stroll in your neighborhood or walking for a cause, let your dogs unnatural colors shine through!  Choose from a variety of fabulous colors.  Our non-toxic, non-transferable color assortment can be applied to almost any dog.  Prices range from a small facial treatment to a full body dip!   Our Stylist will consult with you for the look you want.  The lifetime of the colors depend on your dogs, activities and lifestyle.  Consult with our Stylists for the care of A Dog of a Different Color.

Minty Fresh

  • Weekly for Year -$156.00 ($3.00/brushing)*
  • Weekly, min of 8 weeks -$64 ($8.00/brushing)*
  • Twice a month, min of 6 months -$60.00 ($5.00/brushing)*
  • One time -$10*


Our teeth brushing technique work on taking away the plaque and the bad dog breath.  Our gentle teeth brushing will get your dog used to having work done in their mouths.  Our minty fresh toothpaste will change your mind about what dog breath meansThe Minty Fresh treatment is a great addition to any of the services we provide.  Look at our special pricing for great discounts!

Rapid Grooming – $20*

Great for that last thing on your to-do list when you are running out of time, or an unexpected roll in the mud right before the guests arrive.  Just like a quick shower for you, our Down-N-Dirty to Fresh-N-Clean will have your dog sparkly and fresh in 30 minutes or less.  A deep cleansing foaming shampoo, a mild conditioner, and a quick blow dry will get you off and running!



Show Dog Nails – $15*

Keep those nails looking good enough for the show ring! We use the best nail filing tools available.  This includes not only dremeling of the nails but also trimming around paws and between pads. Even if your dog is averse to getting their nails done our serenity spa experience will calm even the jitteriest and over-stimulated pooch.

The Complete Deshedding Experience – $15 – $25*

Tired of excess fur and hair in the house?  Our intense de-shedding and de-matting tools will relieve 80%-90% of regular hair loss.   Our finishing treatment conditioner will leave their coats feeling more luxurious than ever.  This process is great for all hair types.  Perfect in the springtime to get rid of the thick winter fur coat most dogs develop and the rest of the year to keep the shedding at bay.

  • We start with a good brush out and go through our deshedding process
  • Then a hydro-massage bath and apply a solution to promote lose hair to be easily removed
  • We use a high velocity dryer to help eliminate the excess coat and lose hair on the pet
  • After the dog is completely dry we use the special Deshedding tool to extract lose hair and undercoat from your pet, which feels like brushing to your pet.

Myth:  Dogs with short hair lose less hair.

Fact: Dogs with short hair lose more hair than most dogs.  The shorter hair makes it more difficult for regular vacuums to clean up.  Short hair tends to get stuck in the loops of most fabrics including sofas, chairs, area rugs, and carpets.

*Prices are in addition to grooming rate

Look for our seasonal special holiday specials.

*ask your stylists for special rates

Our stylist is in high demand and we want to make sure we schedule plenty of time to accommodate your pets needs. It is recommended you call at least a week in advance to secure the appointment time you want. Please call to schedule your appointment today!