Having a membership to Fido & Co. affords you and your pet privileges that parallel a true country club. You and your pet will have access to amazing services. Once you and your pet are members you have priority on all of our services, member only parties and socials, pick up/drop off service, Concierge Service, and discounts to local restaurants and businesses.

To become a member, we ask that your dog go through a series of assessments which include you filling out a personality questionnaire about your pet, personal and professional references, and an “in-person” evaluation. If your dog successfully passes our assessment, Fido & Co. will extend a membership on the day of the “in-person” evaluation.

Once a member, your pet now has the finer things in life as part of his daily routine. Fido & Co. dogs enjoy playing with their friends in our expertly designed play rooms. This multi-level area is paved with top quality rubber flooring to ensure the safety of your dog. Big dogs and little dogs are separated for safe and fun play time. All of our members come a minimum of one day per week; this way your pet has a daily routine, has the same friends, and falls into the structure of the day.

What makes us different?

All memberships subject to:

Membership packages range from 1 day a week to unlimited days each with special privileges and services.

Special Promotion through 2016!

Platinum Membership Five days per week

$600 per month or $30 per visit  NOW $522 per month or $26 per visit

Gold Membership 3 days of daycare a week

$395 per month or $33 per visit NOW $344 per month or $29 per visit

Silver Membership 2 days of daycare a week

$280 per month or $35 per visit NOW $245 per month or $31 per visit

Bronze Membership 1 day of daycare per week

$160 per month or $40 per visit NOW $140 per month or $35 per visit


A La Carte

Half Day (Half day is 4 hours) : $25

Full Days: $40

Note: A fee of $20 will be charged if you pick up your pet after 7pm

Grooming/bath or spa services not included in monthly complimentary Blueberry facial or Deshedding treatment*