Members of Fido & Co. enjoy the finest things life has to offer, and work hard to create a life that is blissfully rich for the ones they love. Fido’s Concierge is here to makes their lives easier and more enjoyable, infusing them with ease and entertainment.

Fido’s Concierge connects members to any product or service they may need to make their day go by a little smoother or if they want to spoil themselves. There is no request that you or your dog may have that we cannot satisfy.  Along with first class daycare facilities and priority standing for all of our services, you now have access to an exclusive luxury concierge service.  Simply drop your dog off at daycare and make a request; we can act as your personal assistant.  When you pick up your dog, your dry cleaning will be ready; the best table at your favorite restaurant reserved; and your dog food will here ready for pick up saving you yet another stop.  It’s all about you and what you need when you need it.

Members-only privileges include:

Fido & Co. is redefining the canine experience to meet the needs of our amazing Members.  If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to call.

*Additional costs apply.  Please inquire.