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Having a membership to Fido & Co. affords you and your pet privileges that parallel a true country club. You and your pet will have access to amazing services.

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Grooming Salon

Our expert Salon Stylist will accommodate everything from the everyday normal request for a bath, haircut and style to the abstract and trendiest of requests.

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Overnights & Pet Sitting

Fido & Co. understands how stressful it can be for your pet to have to spend the night away from home by themselves in a strange environment.

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About Fido & Co.

Fido & Co. is San Diego’s first canine country club. It was built on a “nothing but the best” platform. It offers members a luxury daycare, a variety of pet sitting services, spa and grooming amenities, professional training programs and special event celebrations. The owners of Fido & Co. have taken two years to carefully plan and research every detail to ensure a truly luxurious and safe experience.

Medical Boarding

We understand how stressful it is to nurse a beloved pet back to health. As the only care center of its kind in San Diego, Fido & Co. customizes a plan to ensure that your pet is healing properly, both physically and emotionally. With staff tending to your pet 24 hours a day, we work with your referring veterinarian to continue the healing process—whatever that may mean.

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Member Treats

Fido’s Member Treats offers Fido & Co. members valuable discounts with select local businesses.  With the flash of your Fido’s Member Treats card, Fido & Co.members are granted special rates on various products and services that partner with Fido & Co.
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Fido & Co. is a foster home for Lucky Pup Dog Rescue. Check out our fosters! lucky-pup1-150x150 dude-2-150x150  Molly checkers-150x150
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